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Factor exposure and portfolio concentration

Factor exposure and portfolio concentration

The objective of this paper is to assess the relative benefits and drawbacks of the various factor and multi-factor portfolio construction techniques through the lens of factor exposure and portfolio diversification. Academic and empirical evidence tells us that portfolio exposure to certain factors is a good thing, while modern portfolio theory emphasizes the importance of diversification.

Whatever happened to Teldar Paper?

Teldar Paper was the fictional target of a hostile takeover by corporate raider Gordon Gekko in the now classic 1987 movie Wall Street. In the 30 years since the movie debuted, the paper industry has undergone major reorganization and consolidation of the sort that would have proven Gekko a visionary.

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FTSE Russell launches new Global Sector Indexes hedged to Canadian dollar

FTSE Russell announces the launch of four new benchmarks within the Russell Global Indexes. The Russell Developed Large Cap 100% Hedged to CAD indices are designed for Canadian market participants and capture specific global sector exposures.

FTSE Russell launches £SONET

FTSE Russell is delighted to announce the launch of £SONET (Sterling Secured Overnight Executed Transactions) following an industry-wide initiative to create a new secured reference rate for sterling overnight funds, in response to the Financial Stability Board’s July 2014 recommendations on the reform of major interest rate benchmarks. £SONET has been developed by FTSE Russell and London Stock Exchange Group, in partnership with Euroclear and leading inter-dealer brokers.

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